Dripping from Chimney, Chimney Leaks

Chimney Leaks can occur at the end of winter when accumulated snow and ice melts.

Mortar joints can erode when water seeps into them, and the bricks are subsequently weakened. Chimneys built with moisture-proof stones seem that they would be less vulnerable to harsh winter conditions. But while the stones are moisture-proof, the mortar which bonds them together makes stone chimneys as vulnerable to moisture as brick and mortar chimneys in many ways.

When moisture leaks down a chimney or permeates the bricks, there are many types of damage which can occur, such as the following:

• Masonry and metal firebox assemblies can deteriorate
• The fireplace’s clean-out area can become clogged
• The damper assemblies can rust and fail to function properly
• Water mixed with creosote in the chimney can create an extremely bad smell, which can leak into the home
• The central cooling and heating system can be damaged
• The chimney structure can lean or collapse

 Leaky chimneys can cause moisture damage to the point that bricks fall into the chimney and clog it up (commonly seen in older homes that are not lined) or an animal builds a nest in the chimney clogging it up. Whatever the case maybe, if the chimney is clogged there is a problem with the airflow, which could result in no heat and hot water or a more severe type of leak — carbon monoxide.

When winter is over and the snow melts, it’s very possible you will discover that the condition of your chimney has deteriorated. It’s best to call a chimney professional.


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