Chimney Repairs – Missing Bricks in Chimney?

Get your chimney ready for use this winter.  If you have missing or crumbling bricks, damage, or crooked chimney.  Chimney repair services in Milwaukee and West Bend is just a phone call away.

Chimney Repair

Residential and commercial service Chimney safety inspections Chimney brick replacement Chimney tuckpointing Chimney rebuilding Chimney waterproofing New chimney flashing Flue replacement Flue tile replacement Chimney cap installation Fireplace firebox repair Fireplace removal Fireplace installation Fireplace insert installation Top-mount chimney damper installation Elimination of smoke and odor problems.

Chimney Relining, chimney RepairChimney Relining

Residential and commercial service Chimney liner safety inspection Installation of replacement and new chimney liners Flue replacement and relining Relining for fireplace, heat stove or furnace chimneys Wide range of material and price options Stainless steel chimney liners Aluminum chimney liners Tile chimney liners Galvanized pipe chimney liners 10-year workmanship guarantee.